Quality Policy,, Majordomo ‘d.o.o.


Our business vision is to be a reliable, responsible and consistent business partner, become respectable, the quality of cleaning and technical maintenance recognizable company with a leading position in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina within its activities.


Our goals are:

  • Customer satisfaction is the quality of the services provided;
  • Long-term trust of our customers;
  • Competitive market prices;
  • Branding,, Majordomo ‘as a quality of service that will be recognizable in the market.


Our goals will be achieved:

  • Permanent commitment to quality management and continuous improvement of quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008;
  • Process and systematic approach to the planning of the Company;
  • The active involvement of all employees in the quality management system;
  • By conducting regular audits, monitoring the performance of processes and products, data analysis and taking systematic measures to improve;
  • The individual approach when creating services for cleaning and maintenance to meet the normal standard of cleaning and maintaining all customer requirements – whether they are listed or not;
  • Building partner relationships with customers and suppliers;
  • By creating a working environment that encourage the trust, respect and teamwork;
  • Permanent training of staff at all levels to provide well-trained, reliable and motivated staff who share a commitment to not only the company, but are committed to the job at which they are deployed;
  • The introduction of new services by monitoring and applying new methods of working technology;
  • Lasting commitment to the use of funds, supplies and equipment in accordance with the standards and regulations on environmental protection and ecology;
  • Protection and insurance assets of our Company and our customers in the event of damage were (destruction, damage and missing items) arising from the ordinary activities of cleaning and maintenance of facilities, with additional optional forms of insurance.


Sarajevo, 19.11.2012. year




Samir Jakubović, Director